Finding Favorites with Leah Jones

Dave Coustan plays the trumpet

Dave Coustan, an Atlanta-based podcast producer and marketing strategist, picked up trumpet for the first time at the age of 39... because why not? We talk about what made him start playing trumpet as an adult, a 5-hour lesson in Portland from David Monette, and how he became a podcast producer at I Heart Radio.

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Kyle Loder is excited to return to Warhammer 40K

Kyle Loder, co-host of A New Low and Who Does a Podcast, has played the tabletop war game Warhammer 40K for most of his life and he is very excited that game stores and tournaments are re-opening this summer. We talk about what's next for his Hamilton podcast (Who Does a Podcast), the life of Warhammer 40K consultants (which he is not), and how to pack for a Warhammer tourney.


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Brunch brunch brunch with Jasmine Davila

Jasmine Davila, curator of Miss Spoken, is back on Finding Favorites to talk about all things bacon, eggs and pancakes. Yes, with indoor dining returning, we're just talking about brunch. Current favorite orders, closed diners of our 20s, brunch while traveling and brunch that makes for anxious dreams.

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Brunch spots that are still open

Closed, but not forgotten

Alverne Ball's author profile on Amazon. He has a new graphic novel out about Black Wall Street that is a timeline read on the 100 anniversary of the massacre in Oklahoma.

Robert Persinger loves Reaction Videos

Robert Persinger, co-host of Gentlemen Overlords and associate producer of Doughboys, introduces us to the world of reaction videos, explains how to listen to a "watch along" recording, and shares some of his favorite content creators in this genre. We also talk about cats, Empress Gin, theme parks and the comfort of a rewatch.

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Adam Salzer loves podcasts and professional wrestling

Adam Salzer is a podcaster, Twitch streamer and wrestling announcer based in New Hampshire. We talk about his love of professional wrestling, the difference between staged and fake, and how he got into podcasting and Twitch streaming. He also starts to build his dream league and introduces Leah to some new vocabulary.

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Elisa Camahort Page, the Buffy Slayer

Entreprenuer and author Elisa Camahort Page is here this week to talk about lessons she learned from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and how to deal with problematic creators. We talk about poolside chats at BlogHer 2006 in San Jose, Elisa's book Road Map for Revolutionaries, and the pop culture keeping us company.

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The joys of making art with Michele Weldon

Michele Weldon, a Chicago-based author and journalist, loves to paint and sketch. She joined me from her art-filled home to talk about the joy she has found in oil painting, pastel sketching and not turning a beloved hobby into a side-hustle.

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BONUS: Jazz Festing with Aaron Gadiel

Last weekend, I got on Zoom with Aaron Gadiel and realized that if I edited fast - you could learn about the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in time to tune in to Jazz Festing in Place on WWOZ.

Aaron Gadiel, creative coach and principal of Gadiel Group, has loved Jazz Fest since he went for the first time in 1997. We talk about how to get a Jazz Fest mentor, what weekend to go, and escaping FOMO in the Crescent City.

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Caroline Conner loves fantasy novels

Caroline Conner, better known as Wine Dine Caroline, is a wine educator based in Leon, France, who loves wine and fantasy books. We dive into how she started her career in the wine trade (spoiler alert - she won the 2009 Varsity Blind Wine Competition between Oxford and Cambridge). Get your shopping cart ready, because she's got books for you to read.

Learn about wine with Caroline (take her online courses, hire her for a private tasting on Zoom) and start with her Food and Wine Pairing Guide.

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The only man for Briana Haas is Manhattan

Briana Haas, co-host of the podcast Jobs Blow, loves New York City. No, really, love at first sight, 5th floor Upper East Side walk-up, Balthazar scones, L-O-V-E New York City. We talk about our surprising shared history of stand-up comedy, working together and getting laid off from the same marketing agency, and how she knew that New York was her one and only city.

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