Finding Favorites with Leah Jones

Vicki loves a garden in any country

Vicki Webb, a senior civil servant in London, has always loved to garden. We talk about gardens in literature, cooking tomatoes in pots and growing fruit trees in London.

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Ezra Butler likes Andy Warhol but isn’t a fan

Ezra Butler, a systems architect and artist based in Chicago, loves Andy Warhol for his art, philosophy and the life he lead. We sat down at my kitchen table to talk about all things Warhol and why it was so hard for Ezra to select just one favorite thing to talk about.

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All-Time Favorite Cereals with Shai Korman

Shai Korman, host of Friday Night Podcast and Goldnerds, is back on the podcast for a very silly episode about cereal. Top ten favorites, honorable mentions, discontinued cereal and more.

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Lucas Cao loves flipping balisong knives

Lucas Cao, president of Squid Industries, got so into flipping balisong knives (AKA butterfly knives) that he turned his hobby into a manufacturing company. Lucas walks me through the skills-based hobby of flipping and how his search for an affordable, quality knife turned into opening his own company to make the knives and trainers he wanted to see in the world.

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Squid Industries on Instagram and #balisongtrainer for videos

2017 Bali Buyers Guide with Ben Petersen and Lucas Cao

Speed Solving

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Bladeshow Trade Shows

Balisong SubReddit

That one post on Reddit with a Squidtrainer

Deanza Community College

Vertical CNC Mill


Benchmade 51 Morpho

Bradley Kimura

Bradley Kimura XI

Full Squid Industries line-up of trainers, knives and accessories

Avett Brothers 101 with Jocelyn Geboy

Jocelyn Geboy, owner of Three Left Productions and concierge services in Chicago, loves the Avett Brothers. She tagged along to her first concert and now travels to three-night runs with other fans of the North Carolina-based band. (The uncut version of this interview is two full hours, so my apologies for the stories that got left on the floor of the podcast studio)

The first four albums to track down are Live Volume 3, Emotionalism, Mignonette, and Four Thieves Gone

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Jen Usellis is the Klingon Pop Warrior

Jen Usellis is a Chicago-based performer known online and in Star Trek circles as the Klingon Pop Warrior. With lifetime membership in the Klingon Language Institute, Jen translates and records covers/interpretations of pop songs. She went "moderately" viral last year with her performance of Let It Go from the movie Frozen. We talk about how singing in a Twin Cities cover opened the door to performing in Klingon. Do we talk about Klingon music theory? Yes, yes we do.

Klingon Pop Warrior's third Kickstarter campaign for her COVID-produced EP launches on January 1, 2021 and you can find it here.

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Traveling the world with David Simmer II

David Simmer II, known to old school bloggers as Blogography, is a photographer and traveler based in Washington. We hopped on Zoom on Thanksgiving to talk about all aspects of his world travels including trips with his mom, falafel in Israel, returning to Spain and his photography expedition to Antarctica.

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Making Jewelry in Italy with Lauren Cerand

Lauren Cerand, currently based in New York City, is a freelancer and jewelry student. In 2019, she gave up her apartment, sold most of her belongings and moved to Italy to learn how to make jewelry at the Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School in Florence. We trace her path from a class at the 92Y to Pratt School of Design and finally to Italy.


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Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School


Marni tells you how to learn tarot

Based in Denver, Colorado, Marni tells us why she picked up a deck of Tarot cards in 2016 and how she fell madly, deeply in love with all things Tarot. You will want to pick up a history book before you are halfway through the podcast and buy a beautiful deck by the end.

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Scott wants to live in Schitt’s Creek

Scott Weston is a Chicago-based Drupal developer who would like to move to Schitt's Creek. In this episode we talk about the Moira costume party that opened the door of the Canadian sitcom to him, debate which characters had the most personal growth and we talk about our cats.

CW: We discuss a death by suicide that happens in Season 1 during our discussion about Bob. Hop from 1:10:00 to 1:12:00 to skip

The only link you need from this episode is: Fold In The Cheese

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