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Hailey Dezort loves purple ink and fountain pens

Hailey Dezort, a Chicago-based book publicist, is here to share her love of fountain pens. Complete show notes coming on Monday.

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Taylore Nicholl is an Armchair Expert Expert

Taylore Nicholl, host of the podcast Extra... Ordinary, loves the podcast Armchair Expert and is here with an introduction to the popular interview show hosted by Dax Shepard. Taylore talks about how she started with an interview with Mae Whitman (one of Dax's co-stars on Parenthood) and eventually found herself in a green room at the Ellen Show with Dax!

We talk about childhood trauma, finding father figures through podcasting, the important research around ACES, and Taylore's love of all things theater, drama and Ben Platt. (Happy birthday, Taylore!)

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Patty Morrissey love thrift stores AND decluttering

Patty Morrissey, a New York-based coach and master Kon Mari consultant, loves to go thrifting on Long Island. She grew up thrifting and garage sale-ing with her grandparents and still goes to the same shops today. She's also a Kon Mari consulant and coach who knows a thing or two about how to help people find what sparks joy. (In fact, she's in my house helping me organize during the pandemic thaw).

Keep up with Patty on Instagram as @pattymorrissey and @clearcultivate, then head over to her website to learn about Cultivate Club for 2022

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Intro to Zombies with Mahyar Amouzegar

Mahyar Amouzegar, a New Orleans-based author and academic, joins us this week to talk about reading, writing and Zombie movies. Mahyar shares the story of immigrating to the United States shortly before the revolution in Iran, how he gets to know the characters in his books and what he would do in a Zombie apocalypse.

His newest book The Hubris of an Empty Hand is available on November 18th.

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Author Joan Schweighardt loves serendipity

Coincidence is neutral, serendipity has a good outcome.

Joan Schweighardt, a New Mexico-based author, joined Leah to talk about her love of serendipity and how allowing serendipity to play out led to her trilogy of novels. The River trilogy is set between the worlds of Hoboken, New Jersey and the jungles of South America during the rubber boom of the the early 1900s, the third book River Aria is now available.

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“Chance and chance alone has a message for us. Everything that occurs out of necessity, everything expected, repeated day in and day out, is mute. Only chance can speak to us.”

Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being


How Alexis P. Morgan became a village witch

Alexis P. Morgan, my neighborhood village witch, joined me to talk about how she kept being called to learn magic and sorcery. We talk about the differences between hoodoo and voodoo, her Tarot card collection, and her primary community service - The Juno Jar. The winter Juno Jar is available starting on November 1, 2021, on a sliding scale.

Happy Birthday Alexis!

Thank you to Dave Coustan for editing this week's episode.

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Darrin Doyle loves going into the recording studio

Darrin Doyle, a Michigan-based author and English professor, loves when he can head into the recording studio with friends or collaborate using Garage Band from home. We talk about his newest novel The Beast in Aisle 34, the bands his been in over the years and what it might be like to record with Pink Floyd.

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Monica Reida loves Canada‘s own Murdoch Mysteries

Monica Reida, a Wisconsin-based journalist, loves the Murdoch Mysteries. She became a fan of Canadian TV at Michigan State (Go Green, Go White!) when it was included in the residence hall's basic cable package. We talk about copyright laws and intellectual property of podcasts, the Murdoch Mysteries, and Canadian news options.

Keep up with Monica on Twitter, Instagram, Alma and other online publications.

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Broadway Shows

  • Come From Away
  • Hamilton
  • Dear Evan Hansen
  • Fun Home
  • Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
  • Falsettos

Everything Else


Trish McDonald is curious about gender norms and longevity

Trish McDonald, a Florida-based author, has done a lot of research about nutrition and longevity, which she shared with Leah this week. We also talk about her RV-lifestyle, tiny homes, and publishing her first book at the age of 77. Paper Bags is now available in digital and paperback through Woodhall Press

Follow Trish online @TrishMc_Writer on Twitter and @TrishMc305 on Instagram

Paper Bags: After thirty-four years of marriage, Kat McNeil flees to a campground in the Florida Keys where she falls for a ramblin' man who's elusive, unavailable, and secretive.
Desperate to understand why he avoids her, she becomes a stalker. This deviant behavior unearths a stunning revelation shaking her to the core. Will she run away from something she doesn't understand, or will she embark on a journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening?

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Elizabeth Splaine loves opera, writing and getting inside your head

Elizabeth B. Splaine, a Rhode Island-based author, joins us ahead of her Tuesday, October 5th, release date for her novel Swan Song. We talk about her winding paths to performing opera, publishing four novels, and what it means to get inside someone's head. Her historical novel takes places in Germany during Hitler's reign and tells the story of an opera diva who learns that she is Jewish during the Holocaust as she's swept up in a romance with a man eventually known as William Stuart-Houston (Hitler's nephew).

CW: concentration camp, Holocaust, suicide

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